Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Kansas City, 4th of July, and Dicus Day

Cousin Sophie - She and Jack became VERY good friends. Sophie was very sweet to him.

Jack and Mimi

Grandpa read his own version of "Guess How Much I Love You," to Jack. :)

Boat ride in the family room, anyone? Sophie and Jack sure thought it was a good idea!

"I love visiting Mimi and Grandpa!"

Jack and Cousin Coco had a lot to talk about.

Mimi and Coco

Jack, Grandpa, and Cousin Sophie.

Jack and Mindy

Coco, very photogenic - just like her sister, Sophie.

Jeff, Melanie, Jack, and Coco

Melanie, Mindy, and I enjoyed Mojitos and Flaming Cheese at Reverse.

Mimi and Sophie headed out to Build A Bear, for Sophie's 1st Grandma's Day. :)

Mindy Came to Town - Yippee!

Mindy and I went out for a nice dinner to Staccato, in Bend.

Jack loved hanging out with Mindy, especially when it was time to cuddle.

Doesn't Mindy look great navigating a jogger?

"Wow, Mindy is really pretty."

Mimi and Grandpa Came To Visit For Mother's Day - yay!

Jack loved playing "Little Piggy" with Mimi.

Jack and Grandpa having a grand 'ol time.

Cuddle Time!

Picture Time!

Mom and Dad in our backyard.