Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas, Everyone! We hope everyone had as wonderful a Christmas as we did. The best part for us was watching Jack open all of his gifts! He was so excited to get so many great presents. When we asked him, previously, what he wanted Santa to bring him, he always yelled, "BIKE!" He also LOVES his Tonka truck and Sea Doo, new books, clothes, and the many other gifts he received.
Jack on his new red bike, wearing his awesome new #10 MIZZOU jersey. The jersey was given to him from Mimi and Grandpa.
Daddy and Jack reading his new book, "Gallop." Thank you Sam and Alice!

Very cool bike! Well, I guess it's actually a trike, but don't tell Jack. :)

Jack and Mommy on Christmas Eve.

Jack playing one of his favorite games, Crash, with Daddy.

Jack and Daddy on Christmas Eve.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Jack and I went to Kansas City for a fabulous Thanksgiving! Jack had a blast seeing and playing with Mimi, Grandpa, Aunt Melanie, Cousin Sophie, Cousin Coco, Uncle Steve, Aunt Kate, Cousin Sam, and Cousin Alice. While we did miss Ryan and Josh quite a bit, we had a really enjoyed our time with the Ornes clan.

Mimi is holding Alice, Jack is sitting on the chair, Grandpa is standing next to Jack. On the front row, from the left, are Sam, Coco, and Sophie.

Mimi had a very busy summer; she knitted stockings for all 6 of her grandchildren. They were a GREAT surprise!

Jack and Mimi playing ball.

Jack and Grandpa playing at the kitchen table.

Sam and Jack rode the train at Union Station. Sam loved the train, while Jack liked it for about 20 seconds and then decided he wanted Mommy.

Sam checking out the model trains at Union Station.

Santa visited Mimi and Grandpa's house early. :) Jack had fun finding an ornament and matchbox car in his stocking.

Jack's new cousin, Alice. Soooooooooooooo sweet!

Jack and Uncle Steve playing ball.

Sophie LOVED holding Baby Alice. She always made sure to let everyone know that she had washed her hands. :)

"Where did Sam go??
"There he is!"

Jack and Sam playing in baskets, pretending they are boats.

Jack and Mimi enjoyed reading before bedtime.

Beautiful Sophie

Playful Coco

Sophie, Melanie, and Coco.

Coco eating a yummy cookie.

Sophie decorating cookies that she made with Mimi.

Jack enjoyed reading with Grandpa, too.