Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Jack visits Mimi and Grandpa in KCMO.

Jack loves his Sea Doo. Mimi has one too (slightly bigger).

Mimi and Jack have a lot of fun counting seashells.

Jack loves to read with Grandpa.

Jack loves going to the park near Mimi and Grandpa's house.

Jack helps Grandpa reel in a fish.

Whee - Jack absolutely loves the boat, especially going fast and over waves!

"I see why Grandpa loves his chair."

Chillin' in the pool

Previous visits, to Mimi and Grandpa's house, by Sam Ornes and Sophie and Coco Boock

Sophie was a big help, watering Mimi's flowers.

Coco is definitely a boat girl.

Melanie and her girls on the boat.

Sam - what a cutie

"Like Father, Like Son"